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oh happy day, part 25

A bday and BOJ load 25 046

A bday and BOJ load 25 051

A bday and BOJ load 25 058



Without a doubt, number 25 was the largest load yet. The pictures don’t come close to doing it justice. Three trailers went across the border with the October team—full of supplies. What a blessing to the families down in Mexico! Hungry babies being fed and staying free of infection.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


oh happy day, part 24

part 24

I have a quick, unexpected “oh happy day” announcement! Last week a group from Colorado took the growing collection of diapers and formula down to the colonias, and I just had to share this picture. YAY! In a few weeks we’ll have another load—from Arizona—that will carry an incredible God story with it. I can’t (but I will ☺) wait to share it!

A few noteworthy items while I’m sending an update.

—> A Babies of Juarez supporter and friend is hosting a Pampered Chef party as a fundraiser for the cause. 20% of the show will be given to Babies of Juarez and our house-building projects. ( If you’re interested in doing some PC shopping and having the proceeds help down in Juarez, please go to and, under the shop online tab, search for host Bethany Maxwell. You can place an order and have it shipped directly to you. Isn’t it great how we have all these creative avenues to help people? I love it… (Some of you already have a Pampered Chef connection, and I’m not suggesting you switch.)

—> Babies of Juarez was recently featured on a local Phoenix radio show. If you’ve ever wanted more information about the ministry down in Juarez, I invite you to listen to the podcast at Scroll down to “Local Shows” and then go to Walk the Talk with Robyn Bloomquist. It’s the show from 9/24. There’s a prize for the person who correctly counts the number of times I said “um.” Ha!

—> I want to invite the Colorado families to the New to You Children’s Consignment Sale coming up this weekend. Please see the attached document for more information. We’re so grateful for their continued support of the Babies of Juarez project.

There you have it—short and sweet! Thank you for your tremendous support of this ministry.

Until the next one…