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  1. Hello, I heard about Babies of Juarez at church on Sunday. I am deeply moved by this. I would like to help by donating, volunteering and running in your half marathon race this year. Can you please e-mail me more information on how I can get involved in these things and when the race is? Thank you! Allison Hawkes

  2. Hello! We live on Canyon Crest Lane and received the flyer the other day. I wanted to stop by and drop off the donations (diapers…) but my husband misplaced the flyer. Please call us to arrange the delivery or we can stop by. My cell is 303-887-2487. Irina Saveliev
    Look forward.

  3. Where is your drop location in Highlands Ranch? I would love to make a donation. Is baby food needed as well or just diapers and formula?

  4. I often get the formula “checks” and samples in the mail. I don’t have a baby to use them for, would you like them? I’d be happy to mail them.

  5. We have expired baby formula here at the clinic that we would like to donate to you. Can you use it and where can we send it?

  6. We have some expired fornula and I emailed you a while back. You said you have drop off in Newberg, Oredon. I think I deleted the email as to the address. Could you resend it, please?
    Kathy Piatt

  7. Hi- My MOPS group is collecting diapers and formula for babies of Juarez throughout the year. A few people have asked if you take any addition items such as baby food/cereal, prenatal vitamins and wipes.
    Also we are in Phoenix and I would like to know where to drop items off at.


  8. My family and I would like to donate diapers. Is there a need for a particular size (newborn, size 1, etc)? Just wanted to help! Thanks!

  9. I have two babies of my own using diapers and formula. We’ll help too. Please send me the drop off info as well.


  10. I was in contact with Bethany in Mesa, and lost her number and can’t find her on my Facebook.

    I have a few packs of diapers and more formula coupons I’d like to donate.


    Namaste, Amanda

  11. Thank you so much for getting the word out in the Savvy Saks. I had never heard of this before then. I would love to be able to help out.

  12. We have a group of MOPS ladies in Frisco i do service/outreach for ;). We have about 140 ladies, and we will be collecting formula & diapers for January. The end date will be the 22nd. Do I drop all the stuff off, or do you have drivers to come collect? We are excited to help your wonderful organization out!!!!

  13. I’m a member of Cherry Hills MOPS. This ministry has been on my mind and in my heart since you came and spoke last year. I’d love to help in any way possible. I see a lot of people asking where they can drop off donations. I’d love to help pick them up if that is a need. I am also willing to volunteer time to help with administration. I’d love to discuss the opportunities.

  14. I live near Mesa,AZ and two years ago I donated formula and medicine to a representative of BABIES OF JUAREZ that lived in Mesa. Unfortunately I lost that contact number. I have donations available if you can give me a contact name and number in my area. Thank you for all you do in Mexico.

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