oh happy day, parts 31, 32, and 33

Happy December! Where oh where has this year gone? It’s been a busy and incredible one for the Babies of Juarez. We’ve made many trips down with supplies and have held a huge number of healthy, thriving babies. We’ve even been accused of making a few of them chunky. Thanks be to God!

Thank you for the incredible giving you’ve done this year. It has made such an impact in families that simply don’t have the means to buy the necessary supplies I took for granted in the U.S.

The pictures below will show you what’s been collected the last few months. (And three of the aforementioned healthy, thriving babies.) We’re just going to call it The Mother Lode. Some of our wonderful donors recently have prefaced their gifts with “I know it isn’t much…” and I beg you all to look at the pictures to see what happens when a whole lot of people give “I know it isn’t much…” It’s a beautiful sight and one I’ll never get tired of seeing.


Keep up the amazing work, folks. Here’s to an equally wonderful 2013.