oh happy day, part ten

Dear friends, load number ten is safely in Juarez.
After an entire year of seeing diapers and formula suddenly appear on our front porch, one would think we’d be used to it. This is SO not the case. As Dusty walked by the front door this morning and let out a huge whoop we all knew what had happened. The kids went running to the door to confirm their suspicions only to find a VERY generous drop-off of diapers and formula. Quite frankly, some days I wonder if my heart can handle any more joy.
I may have completely run out of creative ways to say thank you, but thank you I will. In just a few short weeks, this shipment was assembled.

Little by little (and occasionally a lot by a lot) your contributions became an incredible gift to the babies of Juarez. Keeping starving babies fed and clear of infected diaper rash is no small matter. Thank you so much for your part in this project.
This shipment was meaningful to our family in a different way. With this load we got to contribute our own gift! Our extended family does a big stocking gift exchange each year. Since we won’t all be together at Christmas we decided to forego the tradition this December. So our family of five got to spend those stocking funds on diapers and formula! I include a picture of that because I love it so much.

A few short hours after Chris came by to load his truck with shipment number ten, a very lovely person named Jenny (from an area group of moms) dropped off the perfect beginning of shipment eleven. Well I totally lost it emotionally – that was just too much. Only two hours later and the collection was beginning. But oh boy – at the exact same time I was melting over the timing of this beginning, mentally my resolve grew ten-fold. You people inspire me! I cannot wait to see what God has planned to keep these babies alive this winter. What a privilege to be part of this effort.
Life is precious. As a very appropriate reminder, one of the Juarez missionaries sent these pictures on Tuesday.

Meet un-named baby boy who was born on Thanksgiving Day. He is un-named because of the severely high infant mortality rate where he lives. Parents find it even more difficult to bury a child with a name, so most wait until they know the baby will survive past the critical first six months. In the second picture of him he’s surrounded by supplies from load nine and blankets our October team had collected. It just doesn’t get more real than this. These supplies are saving the lives of babies who have no other options and simply wouldn’t live without them.
Stay tuned, folks. I’m already excited to show you pictures of load number eleven…
With great appreciation and anticipation,