oh happy day, part 15b

Oh, how I wish each and every one of you could have stood in my home on the evening of Monday, November 2. First we stacked the diapers and formula that was purchased with money raised during the 1st Annual Babies of Juarez Half-Marathon last June. (Yes, it took me way too long to convert funds to supplies, but that’s beside the point.) This stack was enormous – twice as large as it appears in the pictures. And then – as if that original huge stack wasn’t enough, fellow team members (to be heading off on a journey to Juarez the next day) came by for a “packing party.” Men, women, and kids hauled up from the basement the monstrous amount of diapers and formula many of you helped create. Everyone was bringing supplies up faster than I could possibly stack everything. People thought I was nuts, but I just stood there laughing. So be it! I was in a state of joy beyond my own comprehension. So yes, take a look at the pictures. The pictures are a little like a puzzle, with the initial stack being hidden by everything that was stored in our basement the last few months – and by the pictures it’s impossible to see the sheer enormity of the load. It was so deep I couldn’t begin to capture it with my amateur camera. You could barely walk through the entryway. After I took pictures we loaded everything into one (of two!) trailers, knowing the supplies would head south the next day. Our team had the privilege of taking a good portion over the border with us. (There wasn’t room for all of it on the bus so the remainder of the load went into the mission’s storage facility in El Paso to go over with the next team. Or sooner if they had the means to get it across.)

So here’s my plug. Keep up the amazing work! To this day I’m flabbergasted by this last load of diapers and formula. Some of you gave me cash to shop. Some dropped off brand new supplies straight from the store. Some asked pediatricians and hospitals for their expired formula. Some asked for diapers and formula in lieu of presents at their birthday celebrations. Some gave me their outgrown sizes/already opened packages of diapers. Some gave formula samples. And just look what all those gifts created. Now the supplies are in Mexico saving the lives of dearly loved babies.

Having recently returned from taking three of my kiddos on a powerful trip to Juarez, my fire is renewed for the precious people there in the colonias. Consider yourself warned. J Anyone want to have coffee so I can tell you all about our trip?? And then I’ll ask you to join us in June or in October as we go again and build homes, open a medical clinic, and feed hungry people. We are so close in proximity to Juarez, Mexico, and it takes very little effort on our part to make a huge difference in the lives of the people. Buy a can of formula. Buy a package of diapers. Talk to your doctor or grocery store about donating expired formula or opened/damaged packages of diapers. It all adds up to become the pictures you see attached.

Little is much when God is in it.

What you have given of your resources is being used mightily in Mexico right this very moment. From the bottom of my heart, thank you


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