oh happy day, part 16

I just had to share the latest picture with you all. Shipment number 16 was assembled in quick time. We took the largest load yet down to Juarez with us in November. Then my dear husband had the opportunity to be part of a men’s team that went down last month. They took the supplies that are shown in the picture. Pretty amazing what God quickly put together, even over the holidays that tend to be so busy for people. You weren’t too busy to give! Thank you so much to everyone who fed and diapered the babies this go-round. We had some amazing “Christmas present” donations and a “family fundraiser” that contributed greatly to this load. We have lovely neighbors up the street who continue to give so generously. And I had three dear family members (in Oregon, Illinois, and Ohio – how cool is that?) give me exactly what I wanted for Christmas – diapers and formula! And these stories are just a portion of the equation. It’s incredible how what’s given, both large amounts and small amounts, all adds up to keeping babies alive down in Mexico. God is good.

Two items of fundraising news:
—Our Five Guys Burgers and Fries fundraising event on Thursday, March 4, raised $350 toward our project. Our next scheduled trip to Juarez is in June, and we want to overwhelm the wonderful families, churches, and women’s shelters with many, many needed supplies. Thanks to all of you who showed up for lunch and/or dinner at Five Guys. My mom posted pictures on her blog. Take a look!
—The 2nd Annual Babies of Juarez Half-Marathon will be taking place Sunday, June 13. The website is scheduled to be updated at the end of March. Last year we had 15 runners and walkers that raised more than $4,000 for the Babies of Juarez. Won’t you consider joining us this year? If you have interest, please let me know and I’ll add you to the distribution list so you get a pledge sheet and t-shirt when we gear up. It was a rock star group of people last year and the course itself is definitely worth running or walking. A really cool experience for a great cause, if I do say so myself. J

Remember — every dollar raised, every dollar given goes in its entirety to buy diapers and formula for the Babies of Juarez. This makes the fundraisers all the more fun, I think!

Okay, I’m trying to keep this short and obviously I’ve set a new record for myself. (Don’t get your hopes up – this is not the new norm!)

Thank you again for your beautiful support.

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