oh happy day, parts seven and eight

shipment #7 and …

shipment #8!

Wonderful partners…
The most prevalent theme that comes to mind when I think of you all these days is partnership. Together we’ve sent two shipments to Juarez this summer, the second of which headed south just two weeks ago and made it safely across the border. (The first one went at the beginning of July, thanks to my willing and helpful husband.) Without any organized school programs or church reminders or any requests from me at all, you have fed and clothed the babies of Juarez. I am astonished to see how you have served these people and this cause in such grand display. From Voila Tans in Highlands Ranch holding a diapers and formula drive to our family friend using his lemonade/pizza stand proceeds to buy supplies. I could go on and on with stories like these. My dear friend held a garage sale and gave me ALL the money to buy formula. A Kindergarten class at Cherry Hills auctioned off a quilt and gave me the proceeds to buy supplies. A faithful friend continues to buy formula every time she goes to WalMart and drops it on my porch. My cousin in Ohio just sent a check and coupons. Precious friends continue to buy supplies monthly in honor and memory of a beloved son they lost many years ago now. We get so many anonymous drop-offs that I don’t get to place a face with the gift, but how deep is my gratitude. People, I have tears in my eyes and a major lump in my throat when I recall this partnership and your sweet faithfulness. Thank you for jumping on board and feeding these babies. My heart literally wants to burst with the very best kind of pride when I think of you and what you’re joining together to accomplish.
I’ll take a deep breath and get back to some updates. Whew. Things are going well in Juarez. The missionaries continue to distribute supplies just as quickly as we get them down there. We just heard from two of the missionaries who are in Juarez full-time that these supplies are continuing to make a major impact. They constantly have their eyes open for babies having nothing but water in their bottles for the opportunity to give them nourishment and a chance to live. Without it, many of these babies would simply fade away. The government isn’t set up to help them and many have absolutely no means to buy formula, so the help they’re receiving from our shipments is crucial.
On a very positive note, we have dear friends that run a non-profit organization established to support an orphanage in Brazil. They have graciously offered to take the babies of Juarez project under its wing. I’ve received several quotes for setting up 501(c)(3) status of my own, but the costs were too extraordinary. And to hold up our commitment that every dollar given goes to buy diapers and formula, this just wasn’t feasible for us personally. This doesn’t change the way we do things much and our primary focus is still very much collecting the actual supplies. However, for those who occasionally (or regularly – thank you, mom and Mauri) send money for me to buy diapers and formula on your behalf, you’ll now receive the tax benefit. Simply make your check out to “The Shepherd’s Way” and every nickel will be spent at whatever store has the best deal on diapers and formula at the moment.
Okay, enough with the business side of things. Our family is currently making plans to head down with a team at the end of October and I’ve envisioned an enormous load of diapers and formula going down with us. I honestly can’t wait to get my hands on those babies and return home with wonderful stories for you and an even greater heart for this project. Stay tuned to see what God’s going to do with this next shipment. I am almost breathless with anticipation.
With tremendous gratitude,

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