oh happy day, part 14

Dear people…

You may all be very happy to know I only have a few minutes and will therefore keep my words to a minimum. My family heads off on a cool journey today, one that has consumed me lately – but I wanted to send you pictures before leaving. Since I wrote last we had a half-marathon to raise money for the Babies of Juarez and in my next update you’ll get to see pictures of $4,050 worth of supplies heading south! We’ve also been blessed with another dear woman who’s had a baby shower – and in lieu of gifts for her own baby has instead asked that friends shower the babies of Juarez. It’s overwhelming to see how God just continues to work in hearts to help this cause. And in really wonderful and sacrificial ways. We’ve heard the needs in Juarez are growing. Having been down there, I honestly wasn’t sure that was possible – but apparently the economy problems have trickled down to the poorest of the poor in their community. So when we return from Africa, look out! I’ll find my words again and can’t wait to tell you what God has up his sleeve to help these people who so desperately need it.

The picture serves as wonderful evidence of God’s provision through you. Thank you for your continued support.

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